CHRISTIAN” is a person who follows Christianity.  This is the view I have from my childhood. I heard about CHRIST through movies and his works from  text books during my schooling. I used to think Christ is god of Christians.  When I heard about the people becoming into Christians I thought that  people are doing that for food, cloth and for the benefits which are given by foreigners(mostly from USA).  I hated those people who attracted and convert the people. Because of my thinking that Americans are converting Indians into Christians to show their power and Monopoly.

 When I was studying my 10th standard my family faced a lot troubles from my relatives and also from the people where my father is working.  We have been through the toughest situations in those days.  The days were in such a manner that  when I am leaving my home I felt happy that I am out of the dungeon.  Two years past and I completed my Intermediate, but there was no change and even the situations became worst.  I got through the Entrance test for studying Engineering.  I was interested to study computer science as it is some thing more interesting to me.

Basically we are hindus i.e., used to worship idols(shiva,sai baba) .  I used to pray regularly upon bathing. My mother and father believed in witch craft i.e., they used to offer money to those people so as to protect our family from my relatives  who planned  to kill my father for our property. We are in a state of confusion and afraid for all things as we are separted from all of our relatives.

       After completion of my first year of Engineering my family came to place where I am studying so as to support me.  I was very much worried about all the situations that are going on and has no answer from me.  I made myself to study & concentrate.  I came to know about M.S. programme in computer science offered in other countries through my seniors. I decided myself to study M.S. and continued to work in that path. Though I don’t have financial stability to study that programme.  I prepared myself to get money from my father and also  through bank.  As time goes on I came to know that I may not be able to continue my studies because lack of financial ability.  i.e., though I have the  necessary amount all was blocked due to my relatives.  I came to a conclusion to study at any cost but left with no option.  I prepared myself to kill all those people who are making to stop my growth.  I began to practice martial arts(karate) so as to defend myself from my relatives as I was just young boy i.e., it helps me in killing them. I made hard myself for two years.

           Mean while there is a day gifted to my home i.e., one tract about Lord Jesus Christ was purchased by my father.  My sister telephoned those people.  Some of the Sisters belonging to that church came to my home and prayed for us. My mother started going to church and I used drop her and bring back to home. I was also made to sit in the church at later stage. I began to hear the “word of god” which instructs me that I am a sinner. As my thoughts are to kill my relatives in planned manner. I was touched that god is capable enough to solve my problems. But i was reluctant to obey GOD.  I was stubborn in my own way.  I began to read bible because i.e., some thing  luck might occur for me that day. So I used to read only a single verse a day by opening the bible. Later I began to pray and read bible one chapter a day from book of  proverbs. It was in  final year of my Engineering programme.  All of my friends are pursuing their careers but I am doing nothing.  I finished my project work.  I was in a state of confusion and without peace from a long time.  When ever I go to church on Sunday it is very pleasant to spend my time there.  On one night when I was reading proverbs 29:1 i.e., “A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed—-without remedy”.  I prayed on that night to god i.e., help me to forgive my sins and touched by the verse that “Come to me, all you who are weary  and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28  my heart was filled with some thing new and I began to pray to god about my relatives and I completely forgot about my enemity with relatives.  The moment I finished my prayer I got doubt about myself i.e., how I prayed myself in such a way breaking years of enemity.  I began to go to church on regular sundays not even missing a Sunday.  I attend even youth meetings.   The only answer to any problem is to solve it.  But the ability to solve it is lacking.  i.e., Expecting great things & desiring things is a dream to many.  But the only solution is to get that ability.  The ability is gifted by god when we are within his peace. I decided to depend on god the only way is to trust the lord jesus Christ.

 This is how the Lord Jesus Christ “saved me”.

 I was Baptized on APRIL 27th of 2003 at JERUSALEM House of Worship, Khammam church.

Even the pursuit of getting higher education is satisfied by my Father  in completing my M.Tech Programme.

God gives all our desires but the only thing we have to do is  first we should know and follow him.