THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is my God. I believe in Trinity (Father, Son , Holy Spirit). I came to know that Jesus is the true God in my life, which i explained in the link Testimony.

The wrong assumption with all the people on the earth is that “GOD IS THE ONE WHO PROTECTS OR GIVES WHAT WE ASK”.

In short GOD is “AN ATM MACHINE”. I have the same attitude untill i came to know who the true god is ?. I accepted JESUS CHRIST as my saviour in my life and began to follow according to the word of god. I am able to sense ┬áthe voice of GOD gradually. The problems to most of my toughest questions are answered by GOD. It is wonderful to communicate with god. The view i have now about god is “He is a FATHER who longs to speak with his children(humans)”. I lost myself to follow god in some issues but my Father is loving enough to guide me and set my footsteps in the right path. I thank for his love every moment that i breathe.